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Horizon looks bright for nanotech’s biosensor product

US Nano’s newly patented nano-biosensors are ready for the final test before the company moves in the sales phase.

The Sarasota-based company’s biosensors are made up of miniscule inks composed of nano-materials and nano-wires that can be printed onto nearly any surface, bent without breaking, and control light and heat.

The point is that these teensy semiconductors can go where traditional semiconductors can’t. The small company is set to license its technology to companies in the health care, defense, energy and consumer devices industries, where such technology is essential.

And it seems there are plenty of applications for the product, according to the company’s president Alexey Gusev. “There are a lot of big pain points for businesses we can eliminate with our products.”

Examples of areas where the technology can be used are improving the tests for infectious diseases and inflammatory conditions and in biomarkers to determine illness or pregnancy in livestock.

Gusev, a chemist, founded US Nano in 2010 and is confident the company has the entrepreneurial attitude it takes to be successful. “Real innovations almost always come from a small company.”

Source: Mark Gordon. “Mini marvel,” 20 May, 2016.

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