Start-Ups: Marketing to Retail Chain Stores

The critical step so many ignore

I hope this blog rant will open the eyes of hopeful start-up business people and help them become successful.

Even after 18 years in the business, I continue to be amazed by how many businesses approach me with products ready for sale but are without a marketing plan.  I am talking about people that have taken an idea and actually created a physical product with the instructions, warnings, packaging, etc.

Why do I care?

Current statistics say that 40 percent of all businesses fail within the first year, 80 percent within five years. Only 4 percent are still around after 10 years.  This is painful for us at Sadler & Co. if only for one very selfish reason: if you’re successful, we’re successful.  We want all of our clients to be wildly successful so they grow and renew their Product Liability insurance each year.

This is why we are excited about our association with Karen Waksman and  Karen was a manufacturer’s rep who successfully placed thousands of products into retail chains stores.  She is now using her experience to teach businesses and entrepreneurs how to sell their products to the major retailers. She will show you how to reach these retailers’ buyers.

Get help from someone who has been there

Waksman’s message is positive and inspiring. She wants you to know that major retail chain stores are always looking for new and unique products. And that their buyers are always searching for products to grow the chain’s success.

It all begins and ends with marketing. As proof, just take 30 seconds and think about all of the mediocre name-brand products that are part of American culture because of marketing. Spam, Cheeze Whiz and Budweiser quickly come to my mind.

If marketing is not your strong suit, please take a few moments to visit  You have invested so much to get to this point.  A small investment in marketing might be the difference between success and failure.


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