Graco and Simplicity in the News Again

How do they survive so many product recalls? How does the Graco and Simplicity product name survive and apparently prosper, when it seems to experience a major product recall about every other month? Over the last ten years, Graco and…

State-to-State Variability: Statute of Repose

Statute of Repose is another state law that can vary from state to state. This law specifically deals with the time allowed after the sale of a product a product liability lawsuit can be brought to the courts.

State-to-State Variability: Joint & Several Liability

 Part 1 in a series If you are a business selling products in the U.S., nothing exemplifies better how state laws can impact your business more than Joint and Several Liability. I explained in “Why Naming Multiple Defendants in a…

The Electronic Discovery Trap

Legal tricks of the trade I recently wrote about the liberal discovery rules in the U.S. and the cost to comply when named as a defendant in a product liability lawsuit. I want to expand on this because so many…

Naming Multiple Defendants in a Lawsuit (Infographic)

Who gets sued? When Product Liability clients are sued, they’re usually amazed at how many parties are named in the lawsuit and how many of the named parties have little or no connection to the product that allegedly caused the injury….