Chinese Product Liability Policies

Being named additional insured doesn’t instill confidence

If you are an importer of Chinese products and have been told by the Chinese manufacturer or distributor that you are covered by their product liability insurance policy, I recommend you read Linda Stamato’s article below.  After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of why your U.S. insurance carrier does not provide discounted rates on your U.S. product liability policy when you can provide proof you are Additional Insured on the Chinese manufactures or distributitors insurance policy.  Simply put, nobody with any experience in the product liability field has any confidence that any type of restitution can be found in the Chinese courts, even if the case is an obvious slam dunk of manufacturing defect or design defect.

As reported by Linda Stamato of In the United States, we have no end of attacks on product liability litigation, consumer protection laws and class action lawsuits.  A visit to Americans for Tort Reform provides information and perspective on these efforts. As this group and others question the “excesses” of lawsuits in compensating the injured and doubt their efficacy in bolstering product quality, consider what is taking place in China.  Read the full story “Toxic milk and poisoned babies: Product liability limits in China.”

Confidence in Chinese products is so low that I predict that more retailers and U.S manufactures that use Chinese parts in their finished products are going to start requiring the U.S. Importers and Distributors of these products to start carrying Product Recall Insurance with a third party endorsement that will cover the expenses of any third party (retailer) for the recall of any product that incorporates your product including the cost to repair or replace such product.

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