Unique Product Liability Insurance Solutions

If you’re engaged in manufacturing, distributing, installing, or importing products across various sectors, you’re likely aware of the critical need for robust risk management.

At Sadler Insurance, we specialize in delivering tailored Product Liability Insurance solutions that provide comprehensive protection uniquely crafted to suit your industry’s demands.

Industries We Serve

Our expertise extends to an array of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Medical Equipment – Manufacturers and distributors trust us to safeguard their businesses from potential liability risks.
  • Pharmaceutical – Pharmaceutical companies turn to us for comprehensive coverage tailored to their products.
  • Cosmetic, Beauty and Home-Based Business – We cater to the specific needs of businesses in the cosmetic, beauty and home-based industry, ensuring they’re well-protected.
  • Sports and Recreational Equipment – From sports gear to recreational equipment, we provide comprehensive protection.
  • Children’s Products – Manufacturers of child-related products trust us to navigate complex liability issues.
  • Chemical Products – We offer specialized insurance options for companies in the chemical industry.
  • Cannabis Insurance – In the emerging cannabis industry, we offer customized insurance solutions.
  • E-Cig Manufacturers and Distributors – We cater to the unique needs of e-cigarette manufacturers and distributors.
  • Dietary Supplements and Nutraceuticals – We provide tailored solutions for businesses in the nutraceutical and dietary supplement sector.
  • Nanotechnology – Nanotechnology companies trust us to navigate complex liability issues.
  • E-Commerce Online Retailers – Online retailers count on our insurance solutions to protect their businesses.
  • Health & Fitness – Fitness equipment providers choose our insurance solutions to mitigate risks related to their products.
  • Leisure Equipment – Businesses in the leisure equipment sector count on us for reliable risk management solutions.
  • Imported Products – Importers and distributors of Chinese and Asian products benefit from our insurance expertise.
  • Industrial – Industrial product manufacturers rely on our expertise in risk management.


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Our Simplified Process

At Sadler Insurance, we prioritize a simplified and efficient approach to securing the best product liability insurance for your business:

  • One-Step Application – Save time and effort by submitting a single application. Sadler Insurance works with 18 plus of the top product liability insurance providers that are licensed in all 50 states to get you the most competitive quotes in the industry.
  • Expert Guidance – Our experienced product liability specialists are here to assist you in selecting the right policy that matches your unique business needs.
  • Swift Quotes & Competitive Premiums – We understand the value of efficiency. Expect swift delivery of quotes and cost-effective policies with flexible monthly payment plans.
  • Complete Protection – Our coverage goes beyond product liability. As your business grows, we can expand your coverage to include Auto, Excess Liability, Directors & Officers Liability, Workers’ Compensation, Products Recall, Property, and Life Insurance.
  • Comprehensive Insurance Coverage Review – Gain peace of mind with our exclusive Insurance Coverage Audit. It identifies potential coverage gaps and ensures you’re well-prepared for unforeseen events.
  • Contract Review and Advise – We offer contract review and advisory services to help you to remain compliant with insurance requirements in your contracts and to avoid unnecessary coverages.



Tailored to Your Needs

We understand that every business is unique, and we provide flexible solutions to meet your budget and coverage requirements:

  • Choose between Occurrence and Claims Made Coverage Forms
  • Opt for Standalone Product Insurance or Include it in a Comprehensive General Liability Policy
  • Access Liability Limits Up To $25,000,000
  • Coverage Available in All 50 States
  • Tailor Deductibles and Retention Options to Your Business
  • Enjoy Worldwide Liability Coverage
  • Explore Premium Financing Options
  • Address Design Defect Errors & Omissions
  • Secure Coverage for Discontinued Product Liability
  • Extend Protection to Vendors as Additional Insureds

Our commitment is to offer the most favorable terms for the lowest premiums while ensuring flexibility in your coverage.


Why Is Product Liability Insurance Considered Basic Business Insurance?

Product Liability Insurance is essential for businesses engaged in manufacturing, distributing, importing, or selling products. It serves as a safety net, protecting against financial loss due to bodily injury or property damage stemming from product defects or claims. This coverage can be integrated into your General Liability policy or obtained as a standalone solution.

Many businesses opt for Product Liability Insurance to cover legal defense expenses and settlement costs, providing financial security. Additionally, it fulfills contractual obligations for downstream purchasers, such as retailers.

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Understanding Product Liability Insurance

Product Liability Insurance is a commercial insurance type that shields manufacturers, distributors, importers, retailers, and others from potential financial losses when a defective product results in bodily injury or property damage to consumers or the public. This policy can be integrated into a General Liability policy or secured as a standalone coverage. Product Liability policies serve as a financial resource for legal defense expenses and settlement payments, making them vital for businesses.

What Does Product Liability Insurance Cover?

Product Liability Insurance encompasses specific lawsuits that allege bodily injury or property damage caused by faulty or defective products. Bodily injury may lead to medical expenses, lost income, pain and suffering, disability, and even loss of life. Property damage involves physical harm to property or loss of its use.

Product Liability and Strict Liability Legal Doctorine

Product defects generally fall into three categories:

Manufacturing Error: This occurs when a manufacturer deviates from the design specifications during production, leading to missing parts or non-compliance with performance standards.

Faulty Instructions: In this scenario, the provided product instructions are flawed, causing incorrect or unsafe use of the product.

Design Defect: Products with design defects result in unforeseen consequences that lead to injuries.

A defective product causing injury can result in a Product Liability lawsuit against any entity involved in its distribution. Manufacturers, distributors (including wholesalers and retailers), and importers are all potential targets. Before 1963, establishing negligence against a manufacturer or distributor was necessary for a successful lawsuit, requiring proof of:

  • Product defect
  • Causation of injury
  • Lack of due care by the manufacturer or distributor

However, after 1963, the responsibility of proof shifted, making it easier for consumers to get restitution for product injuries. Now, consumers only need to prove the first two elements, bypassing the challenging third element. This is known as the strict liability doctrine, and it extends protection to various parties beyond the actual purchaser, including employees, users, consumers, and bystanders.

Here are a few lawsuit examples:

  • 3M Hearing Loss Lawsuit for Combat Arm Earplugs
  • Johnson & Johnson Talcum Powder Cancer Lawsuits
  • Monsanto Roundup Cancer Lawsuits
  • Zantac Cancer Lawsuits

Prevagen Dietary Supplement Lawsuit


Understanding Product Recalls: A Comprehensive Guide

Product recalls are crucial processes for businesses to address safety concerns and protect consumers. This article provides an overview of product recalls, summarizing key information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) website.

Recall Checklist:

  1. Identify the Problem:

Examine the product to determine the issue.

Investigate any safety complaints, injuries, or accidents associated with the product.

  1. Stop Distribution and Sales:

Immediately halt the distribution and sale of the affected product.

Notify your distributors and retailers to do the same.

  1. Notify CPSC:

Submit an Initial Report to CPSC within 24 hours of discovering a significant product hazard.

Provide detailed information about the product and the hazard.

  1. Implement Corrective Action:

Develop a corrective action plan to address the issue.

Coordinate with CPSC on the plan and its execution.

  1. Monitor Progress:

Stay in touch with CPSC to report on the recall’s progress.

Be prepared to provide regular updates.

How To File an Initial Report:

  • Quick Reporting:

Understand the importance of timely reporting.

File an Initial Report to CPSC online via SaferProducts.gov.

  • Required Information:

Include all pertinent information about the product, hazard, and reporting company.

Be thorough and accurate to expedite the process.

  • Cooperate with CPSC:

Be prepared for CPSC to contact you for further details.

Promptly provide any additional information requested.

Website Notification Guide:

  • CPSC Notification:

Once you report a recall, CPSC will review and approve your notification.

Await the approval before publishing it on your website.

  • Clear and Comprehensive Information:

Include a clear description of the product and its hazards.

Provide consumers with instructions on returning or disposing of the product.

  • Contact Information:

Display your contact information for consumers with questions.

Keep lines of communication open to address concerns.

Social Media and PR:

  • Utilize social media, press releases, and other channels to reach a wider audience.
  • Update information as needed and engage with concerned consumers.

Understanding the product liability and product recall process is essential for businesses to protect their customers and brand reputation.

This article has provided a summarized guide based on the CPSC website, covering the recall checklist, initial report filing, and website notification and a brief overview of product liability insurance and law. Ensuring product liability and product recall compliance is crucial for a swift and effective business risk management process.

If you have any questions or would like product liability quotes for your business, please do not hesitate to contact me, Paul Owens, at 800-622-7370 or go to Request A Quote and we will email the appropriate application to receive a product liability proposal.