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Dispensaries (both recreational and medical) 

Dispensaries are regulated by the state to distribute and sell medical and recreational marijuana, cannabis-containing products and cannabis related accessories and equipment. Types of insurance needed are General/Product Liability, Property, Workers Compensation, Excess Liability (Umbrella) and Professional liability, if consultants or medical professionals are used.


Grow Operations

Growing cannabis in commercial indoor or in greenhouse facilities. Typical insurances needed are General/Product Liability, Property (fire, theft, equipment breakdown, business interruption), Workers Compensation, Excess Liability (Umbrella),


Product Manufacturers, Extractors and Processors (CBD, Recreational and Medical Product)

Manufacturers and processors of marijuana and CBD based concentrates and edible products. Typical insurance coverages include General/Product Liability, Product Recall, Workers Compensation, Property, Excess Liability (Umbrella)


Transport & Delivery

Transport and delivery can include secure transport to cannabis dispensaries or to retail buyers. Typical insurances needed are Business Auto, Property, General Liability, Workers Compensation


Testing Laboratories/Research Labs

Testing Labs determine the amount of THC in products and test for mold, pests and pesticides in products. Typical insurances needed are Professional Liability, Property, General Liability and Workers Compensation



Typical insurances needed are Lessor Risk Only (LRO). This includes Property and General Liability.


Research Facilities


Product Accessories

Products that assist with the use of cannabis and hemp products. Typical insurances are General/Product Liability and Property.


Brand Companies

These companies will license other companies their brand and trademarks (often well-known celebrities). Typical insurance purchased is General/Product Liability.